Senior Year 2017

February 2017 Reflection

In this month’s issue, I had my article featured as the main article on the front page for the first time. That has never happened before and I’m glad I got to write the main article before I graduated. I also wrote an article about Jazz Band which was an interesting experience. Both of my articles for this issue were difficult to write because I had to interview so many people. I was lucky that I could get in contact with the Jazz Band teacher who got me a lot of responses to my interview questions. I was also very lucky that the people that I needed to interview answered my questions over email. A lot of people never check their emails which can make life difficult. There was this one girl who literally begged me to be featured in the article for Jazz Band. I’ve been writing for the paper for so long that I’ve forgotten how much this can mean to people. Seeing her care so much about being in the paper really rejuvenated my passion for writing. This was also the month that the web article I wrote about Trump received a lot of negative criticism online. It was difficult me to recover because I had never received such backlash on something that I had written before but looking back I consider it a good experience that I have learned from. I plan on writing for the paper in college for a small income so that experience definitely was worthwhile for me even if it was a bad one.


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