Senior Year 2017

Journalism Overall Reflection

Overall this year has been really hard at times. I learned the importance of detailed fact checking the hard way and I definitely will take writing for the press very seriously from now on. I wasn’t really planning on writing for the college newspaper until I realized that they would pay me a small amount for each article. I will definitely proceed with caution and do my best. This is my last year on the Plaid Press and I’ve realized that the connections I’ve made with people are invaluable. I’m really grateful to the other people on the press and Ms. Spaulding for being there for me. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone has your back and that you can rely on them. Being on the press has taught me the importance of positivity, unity and constant improvement. I grew up in a really unstable family where there is always a lot of pressure to succeed and negativity. I enjoy the environment the press provides so much in part because I feel as if I everyone tries their best to be optimistic. Being a part of journalism has taught me that pursuing your own goals even if others don’t approve is always worthwhile. Even if no one reads the paper, we write it for ourselves and that is more than enough.


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